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Not sure which ExpertVM cloud server is suitable for you? Check out the comparison table below to understand the difference between our cloud products!

Scalable VPS AMD Ryzen NVMe VPS Storage VPS GPU Compute Dedicated Server
CPU Type Intel Xeon AMD Ryzen Intel Xeon AMD Ryzen Intel Xeon
RAID Config 10 5 1 or 10
Storage Type SSD NVMe SAS NVMe SSD or SAS
KVM Virtualization ✔ or Bare Metal
Dedicated GPU
Instant Activation Only with KVM
1Gbps Singapore Network
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scalable VPS hosting

Scalable VPS

These are great entry level, budget friendly and cheap VPS for most applications. These are RAID-protected SSD servers. Some ideal use cases are as follow:

  • Web & Email Hosting
  • Private & Enterprise File Sharing
  • Most applications
AMD Ryzen NVMe VPS Cloud Server


These are our performance focused VPS servers that use the popular & powerful AMD Ryzen and NVMe storage combinations. They are ideal for:

  • WordPress Hosting
  • High traffic websites
  • Most applications that require fast CPU and storage speed
Storage VPS Cloud Server

Storage VPS

These are high storage density servers that are designed for storage purposes. They are NOT "cheap & big VPS" to run large email or databases servers that require high disk IO or activity. The ideal use cases are:

  • Backup storage
  • Document & email archival
  • Offsite backup for devices & Network Attached Storage (NAS)
GPU Compute Server

GPU Compute

Every server comes with its own dedicated GPU. The result is extremely powerful servers that can deal with complex computing power requirements.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Media & Scientific Processing
Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server

You get the entire server to yourself. By default we create a single KVM virtual machine within the server, to help us process your order instantly. However if you require only a bare metal, you may specify so during the order process. These are ideal for any application which requires the entire server to yourself.

Frequently Answered Questions

Concerns before ordering our cloud servers?
We are happy to have them answered for you!

You can access your server instantly after payment if you use a Verified Paypal payment account that matches your email address used during sign-up. Otherwise, a separate email will be sent by our system to the Paypal payment account — once that is approved, you will get access to your server.

Every hypervisor (where your VPS is hosted) is connected to 1Gbps network port to public internet. You will be able utilise up to 1Gbps network speed

Yes, every server comes with /64 IPv6 addresses

By default each server comes with 1x IPv4 Address and /64 IPv6 Addresses. You may order up to two (2) more IPv4 Addresses for every server you subscribe with us

Our Simple Rules

Please help us make our cloud services enjoyable by all other customers -- remember fair share policy applies on our CPU, RAM, storage and network. Additionally, here are some activities we DO NOT ALLOW:

  • Spam activities
  • Public proxy or Public VPN
  • Torrent
  • Adult content
  • IRC
  • Copyrighted material/illegal file sharing, storage & seeding
  • Mining of any cryptocurrencies
  • Any other activities that may be unfair, and may affect other customers from gaining equal access to the resources