Offsite Backup

Offsite Backup with ExpertVM Storage VPS

Protect Data & Prevent Data Loss

Offsite Backup enables you securely store backup copies of your data. Introducing our Storage VPS which allows you to run your Acronis or Veeam Backup Repository, or simply deploy a secured environment to backup your data via Secure FTP (SFTP). Backup your Synology & QNAP today!

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Key Features

Software Neutral

Setup backup repositories of your choice or simply use SFTP protocol for your backup

Encryption Supported

You may encrypt your entire server or certain partitions to protect your backup data

Upgrade On-the-Go

Easily upgrade your VPS to a plan with larger storage space whenever you need them

Data Freedom

All data within the VPS is yours. You are free to transfer away anytime you wish

Safe & Available

Offsite Backup ensures your data is safe and available within the secured cloud


ExpertVM offers cheap VPS cloud server with massive storage for backup

Frequently Answered Questions

Concerns about Offsite Backup at ExpertVM?
We will do our best to help you!

Offsite Backup is important to make sure your data will always be available in the unlikely event of any data loss takes place at your main site (where data is created & stored).

Offsite Backup should be an automated process, ie one that quietly keeps a set of your data round-the-clock as no one can predict when a data loss will happen. When data loss happens, you would not want to regret for selectively doing backup of data you think is important, but left out those even more important ones.

Data theft may happen via two channels :- physical theft and cyber theft.

Physical theft can happen easily if your method of doing data backup is to store your data into your portable hard disk drive, since anyone is able to remove the hard drive easily, even within locked drawers or rooms. On the other hand, if you opt to perform Offsite Backup to ExpertVM Cloud, your data will be stored in our certified datacenter, where there will be layers of physical access control to prevent physical theft of your data.

Cyber theft is usually the main concern over data stored on the cloud. The good news is, at ExpertVM Cloud, you get full root / administrator access to your server. Therefore you can implement your security policies and perform server hardening the way you want, including restricting access via your Private VPN only, to secure your data within Offsite Backup.

In short, your data can be made very safe within our facility.

There are definitely merits of paid backup licences such as Acronis or Veeam, to name a few but in order to do Offsite Backup, all you require is simply a large storage VPS, such as our Storage VPS and then you can just use open source software such as FreeFileSync to securely backup all your data over to our VPS, using SFTP protocol.

Yes, most Network Attached Storage (NAS), such as those by Synology or QNAP support backup via SFTP. You can subscribe to our Storage VPS and setup FTP server to begin performing Offsite Backup for your NAS.

Yes, you can encrypt the entire VPS Cloud Server or partition of your choice, to enhance the protection over your data at Offsite Backup.

Yes, you can certainly recover, relocate or remove your backup data out of our cloud services any time you wish, since you get full root / administrator access to the server.