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Personal & Enterprise Email Hosting

Host your favourite email server, such as Microsoft Exchange, SmarterMail, Zoho Mail, to name a few, within your VPS cloud server.

email server in vps cloud

Key Features

Software Neutral

Our VPS Cloud Server supports most popular email servers on Linux & Windows

Encryption Supported

You may encrypt your entire server or certain partitions to protect your email data

Upgrade On-the-Go

Easily upgrade your VPS to a larger plan whenever you need them

Data Freedom

All data within the VPS is yours. You are free to transfer away anytime you wish

Gateway to Asia

Our Singapore datacenter is strategically located as your gateway to Asia


ExpertVM offers cheap VPS cloud server for your email server needs

Frequently Answered Questions

Concerns about Email Hosting at ExpertVM?
We will do our best to help you!

You will need to purchase and bring in your own email server licence, be it Microsoft Exchange, SmarterMail or Zoho Mail, to name a few.

Note that Windows Server OS licence is available as an add-on for our VPS.

Yes, there are many free email servers that are available and suitable to be hosted within your VPS with us. 

Mail-in-a-box is a popular free email server for Ubuntu Linux, while hMailServer is a popular open source email server for Windows. You can run both these email servers within ExpertVM!

It is your responsibility to ensure that the IP address assigned to your VPS does not appear on RBL blacklist. Since mailing list is notorious of being reported as sources of malicious or unsolicited email, we discourage you from running mailing list within our network.

Yes, you can certainly setup email cluster within ExpertVM.

Yes, you can encrypt the entire VPS Cloud Server or partition of your choice, to enhance the protection over your email data.

Yes, you can certainly relocate or remove your email data out of our cloud services any time you wish, since you get full root / administrator access to the server.