WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting in Cloud Server


WordPress is the most popular content management system. You may create a beautiful website, blog, or app using WordPress. Use ExpertVM cloud servers to host your WordPress website for the best speed and security.

WordPress Hosting in VPS Cloud Server

Key Features

It is FREE

WordPress is an open source, FREE software for you to build and run your website

Safe & Secure

WordPress is a actively maintained by its community to keep it safe & secure

Ready for Growth

Most of the prominent and popular websites online are powered by WordPress

Total Control

WordPress within ExpertVM cloud allows you to completely control your website

Beautiful Templates

There are lots of beautiful templates, both free and paid-for, to let you start your website


You can scale up your VPS easily as your WordPress website grows in traffic & size

Build Your WordPress Server for just $3.20/month!

Order Cloud Server

Check out our Scalable VPS to subscribe to our Cloud VPS for as cheap as $3.20/month

Start Cloud Server

Spin up your server once you receive our Welcome Mail. We recommend AlmaLinux OS

Install WordPress

Follow our tutorial to learn how you can install WordPress in your new cloud server

Enjoy WordPress

Either import your WordPress or build a new WordPress website at ease now!

Cheaper & Better with VPS

Congratulations on the success of your WordPress website. You started with a cheap shared hosting account and you have obviously outgrown it. Your choices are either upgrading to a larger shared hosting plan, or consider getting a VPS Cloud Server for your website. See the value for yourself!

CPU RAM Storage Full Server Control Monthly Price
ExpertVM 1 Dedicated 1GB Dedicated 20GB SSD Yes via SSH $3.20
Godaddy (Economy) Shared Shared 100GB $8.99
Bluehost (Basic) Shared Shared 50GB $8.99
Hostinger (StartUp) Shared Shared 30GB $5.99
SiteGround (StartUp) Shared Shared 10GB $14.99

Frequently Answered Questions

Concerns about WordPress? We will do our best to help you!

WordPress is an open source software that allows you to easily build and maintain your beautiful website online

Absolutely not! Most website owners begin by using a large collection of FREE website templates, that allow them to customise and adapt the templates to suit their own website requirements.

Additionally, there is a huge database of affordably priced premium templates where these website owners can purchase to customise and improve the appearance & functionality of their websites.

Last but not least, professional WordPress website designers are also available and accessible easily, since this is the most popular content management system.

Yes, you are quite likely to experience speed improvement when you use either our Scalable VPS or our AMD Ryzen NVMe VPS to run your WordPress website, compared to your current shared hosting account. Most of the time WordPress websites require upgrade to their own VPS or Dedicated Servers, after they reach certain popularity and web traffic because within a shared hosting account, all the server resources are shared with other customers. VPS or Dedicated Servers on the other hand, enable you to use all the resources that are dedicated to you and your website.

Yes, in fact with full access to your cloud server via SSH, you can be sure of full & tight integration of our service with the CDN provider of your choice. 

WordPress has a very active community that is developing the software for better feature & functionality, as well as stability & security. As long as you keep your WordPress, its plugins and templates up-to-date, and use the right mix of security plugins, your WordPress website should remain very safe.