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Powerful & Cheap KVM VPS Servers

Our KVM VPS Servers are highly scalable and very affordable for most applications. These general purpose virtual machines can be powered by either Linux or Microsoft Windows.

kvm1GB1 Core @ 2.20 Ghz1GB20GB SSD750GB$3.70/moOrder now!
kvm2GB1 Core @ 2.20 Ghz2GB40GB SSD1,500GB$6.10/moOrder now!
kvm4GB2 Core @ 2.20 Ghz4GB80GB SSD3,000GB$12.00/moOrder now!
kvm6GB3 Core @ 2.20 Ghz6GB120GB SSD4,500GB$18.00/moOrder now!
kvm8GB4 Core @ 2.20 Ghz8GB160GB SSD6,000GB$24.00/moOrder now!
kvm12GB6 Core @ 2.20 Ghz12GB240GB SSD9,000GB$36.00/moOrder now!
kvm16GB8 Core @ 2.20 Ghz16GB320GB SSD12,000GB$48.00/moOrder now!

Key Features

Singapore Network

All VPS come with 1Gbps Network. Increase your Asia Pacific presence with our Singapore VPS! 

Windows OS

Our VPS support Windows Server OS as an optional add-on

Instant Activation

Activate your order instantly by using the same Verified Paypal account in our order form and for payment.

Linux OS

Pick your choice of Linux distro from our list of popular Linux distro 


You can upgrade/downgrade/cancel your VPS package at any time, with no extra costs.

Full Access

Customise the server any way you want. Private proxy & VPN are allowed too

Competitor Comparison

Check out how much cheaper we are, and why we are a better alternative for VPS in Singapore! Compare ExpertVM to expensive hosting giants like AWS, Digital Ocean or Linode!

CPU Memory SSD Storage Bandwidth Monthly Price
ExpertVM 2 4GB 80GB 3,000GB $12.00
AWS 2 4GB 80GB Buy Separately $30.53
Digital Ocean 2 4GB 80GB 4,000GB $20.00
Linode 2 4GB 80GB 4,000GB $20.00

Frequently Answered Questions

Concerns before ordering our VPS in Singapore?
We are happy to have them answered for you!

You can access your VPS instantly after payment if you use a Verified Paypal payment account that matches your email address used during sign-up. Otherwise, a separate email will be sent by our system to the Paypal payment account — once that is approved, you will get access to your VPS.

We do not tolerate with spam activities, public proxy/VPN, torrent, adult content, IRC, copyrighted material/illegal file sharing and storage within our network.

Every hypervisor (where your VPS is hosted) is connected to 1Gbps network port to public internet. You will be able utilise up to 1Gbps network speed

Yes, every VPS comes with /64 IPv6 addresses

By default each VPS comes with 1x IPv4 Address and /64 IPv6 Addresses. You may order up to two (2) more IPv4 Addresses for every VPS you subscribe with us