Why VPS Hosting in Singapore

Find out why VPS Hosting in Singapore is important to establish your digital footprint in Asia.

Singapore is the Internet Gateway to Asia

The map below shows global submarine network cables. The purple arrow shows where Singapore is. Singapore is a tiny island, just shy of 730 square km — smaller than New York City. However, as you can see, all the network cables from West converge at Singapore before they diverge further to East Asia. Hence, Singapore is the Internet Gateway that connects both East and West.

singapore vps hosting asia gateway

Global Datacenters are in Singapore

Even though Singapore is a tiny Island, as of Year 2021 there is already 60 datacenters of all sizes in Singapore. Equinix, the leading datacenter operator has 4 datacenters spread across the entire Singapore Island. Furthermore, major cloud providers all have a footprint in Singapore either via their own datacenter or by leasing the existing datacenters in Singapore.

Singapore is Free from Natural Disasters

The map below shows the earthquake prone zones globally. Singapore is obviously not within the earthquake prone areas.

no natural disaster in Singapore

In addition to that, based on the same map above, you can see that Singapore is surrounded by neighbouring land. Thus, it is free from hurricanes, tsunami or any natural disasters.

Without natural disasters, one can expect very stable power supply in Singapore. Furthermore, data storage is also safe in Singapore.

Political Stability in Singapore

Singapore enjoys tremendous political stability. The same People’s Action Party leads Singapore’s governance since her independence on 9 August 1965. The ruling party’s share of vote is consistently above 61%. This political stability is attributed to the prosperity and low corruption, both of which earn the people’s votes.

With strong political stability in Singapore, you can ensure your long term investment for Asian market is safe via a Singapore datacenter.

VPS Hosting in Singapore

To reap the benefits of Singapore’s ideal location for VPS Hosting, do check out Scalable VPS or Dedicated Servers that may be suitable for you.

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