Why VPS Hosting for Your Website

vps hosting for website

Should you consider VPS Hosting for your website? In the past, most websites started out from shared hosting service. With the cloud computing market growing exponentially, cloud servers are getting cheaper. Therefore, many website owners need not start with the traditional route with shared hosting, then upgrade to VPS Hosting. Today, they can start with a small and scalable VPS and grow within VPS Hosting.

Guaranteed Resources with VPS Hosting

In any shared hosting, you have to obey to fair-share policy. The fair-share policy is usually inside the lengthy Terms & Conditions or Acceptable Use Policies. Therefore, from time to time there will be noisy neighbours in shared hosting. Noisy neighbours are users on the same shared hosting who overuse the server resource and cause your website to go down.

VPS Hosting on the other hand gives you the entire server resource to yourself. A good virtualization technology can almost eliminate noisy neighbours problem. Clearly, your website will be more reliable and will not suffer from unnecessary downtime.

Better Security with VPS Hosting

Most shared hosting providers try to sell you an SSL Certificate. With your own VPS Hosting, you can sign an SSL Certificate for free. In addition to that, you can also secure your hosting environment better inside your VPS Hosting. Last but not least, you will also have full control over the firewall rules to secure the VPS Hosting server just for your website.

Better Control with VPS Hosting

If you are using WordPress, you will appreciate VPS Hosting. A lot of times your WordPress plugins may require more resources to be allocated. Thus, you can update PHP configurations accordingly with VPS Hosting. Learn how you can setup your WordPress on the VPS Hosting cloud server easily.

Best VPS Hosting for Your Website

The best VPS hosting is one that gives you all the benefits above. There are also AMD Ryzen NVMe based VPS which gives more powerful VPS Hosting experience to your website. Most importantly, look for a cheap VPS that allows you to start and scale easily.

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